Fashion Lifestyle May 3, 2017

VILLA Takes the C.A.K.E.

Last Saturday, the ladies of VILLA went on a sweet adventure to NYC. Donning only comfortable footwear as we stepped into true sneaker-chic fashion, it became clear what our mission was set out for.  A day that started with pizza and soda, ended with a delicious slice of cake– metaphorically speaking. Not to mention, an action-packed cardio workout to burn off the calories.

What is C.A.K.E.?

C.A.K.E., which is stretched out to mean Chicks Art Kicks Exhibition, showcases sneaker themed art by female artists. The term was created by co-founder of House of Malcolm to make women feel comfortable in a culture that is dominated by mostly men. House of Malcolm teamed up with Cozy Girl Squad (Donette Lowe) – a rising lifestyle brand that highlights and unifies women who are a part of the sneaker culture.

The art work was centered around sneaker culture from the female perspective. These artists included Amber Rayne, Shawnette, MyDarlingWendy, and so much more! The event was brought together by music, dope sneaker art and stylish sneaker-heads and even cake pops.

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